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Wigley fights for investment in Ynys Môn


This week in the House of Lords, the former leader of Plaid Cymru questioned the Government about the effect of the Comprehensive Spending Review on Wales and argued for an increase in the level of funding for investment in infrastructure – focusing on the Anglesey economy and the need to create jobs and stimulate economic development there through potential projects such as a third crossing over the Menai.

Dafydd Wigley, Plaid Cymru spokesperson in the Lords, said:

“Ynys Mon has one of the lowest GDP per head anywhere in the British state. In fact, Wales as a whole has the lowest GDP per head. 

"The key to regeneration is a fair share of infrastructure investment, in particular to stimulate local economies.

“The Westminster Government sets the level of capital spending – which allows for investment in infrastructure that brings jobs and growth. The Tory – Lib Dem Government increased the budget for Scotland and Northern Ireland at last week’s Spending Review by 2.7% and 1.5% - whilst Wales got a paltry 0.3%! 

"It is a major disappointment that Labour have accepted the Tories' abysmal spending plans if they form the next Government.

“Plaid Cymru will continue to fight for a fair share of capital funding for Wales, which could ensure that there is a third crossing over the Menai to Ynys Mon, to foster jobs and economic growth on the island.”